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Ulf Södervall

     Ulf Södervall

Responsible for the training and education for new users of the nanofabrication facilityand coordinating a PhD course in advanced micro and nanofabrication processing. Processspecialist with main focus on Chemical Mechanical Planarisation/Polishing and general wet processing applications, wafer cleaning, etching etc. Has a long experience from materials and surface characterisation mainly from SIMS.

Tel: +46 31 772 34 31

Mobile: +46 70 321 81 78

List of tools where Ulf Södervall is tool responsible

 NameTool IdType
DetailsBuffing tool - LCtec - LCD line507 
DetailsAligner & Assembler - Ciposa - LCD line509 
DetailsVacuum packer - LCD line510 
DetailsUV illumination box511 
DetailsCMP Polishing & Lapping tool - Logitech PM5 #11006Lapping
DetailsFurnace - Lenton1012Furnace
DetailsCMP Polishing & Lapping tool - Logitech PM5 #21007Lapping
DetailsGlue Dispensing System - LCD line 516