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Education & Training

Education & training are important functions provided by the Nanofabrication Laboratory. In its simplest form, hands-on training on the use of process tools is given by the staff. Classroom instruction is also given first in the form of The Cleanroom Introduction Course, which is a pre-requisite for all those who wish to access to Laboratory as a user. This covers such areas as safety, handling chemicals, proper cleanroom behaviour, and specific information concerning the Nanofabrication Laboratory. The course is offered on a monthly basis, and at additional times if the demand is sufficient.

A graduate course in micro and nano processing technologies is also offered by the Laboratory. This gives a theoretical introduction to the common processes used in a cleanroom environment.

With its considerable competence and experience in education, courses can be customized to suit any partner’s needs or interests.


Associate Professor
Ulf Södervall
Phone: +46 (0)31 772 3431

Cleanroom Introduction Course

You need the "Introduction course" to be able to enter the cleanroom and to get access to the booking system. You also need a "driving licence" to be able to book a particular tool. The course is given typically once per month during autumn and spring semester.There is a fee for the course, contact us for detailed information about the actual rate for you. Together with the one-day introduction course, you are also obliged to participate in Wet-bench training and Risk Assessment training before you are actually allowed to work in the cleanroom on your own. Then you will also need a "Licence tool" to be able to use and book those particular tools you might need for Your research. We will also offer you a discussion with our process specialists about your actual project in the lab at an individual start-up meeting. After the course, we will supply you with some necessary items such a lab shoes and tool box, contact Kaija Matikainen,
There should also be a funding project identified and registered from you that will pay the costs for your activities in the cleanroom.
Contact Ulf Södervall above for upcoming course dates.

The course dates are tentative. Note that a course may be postponed if there are too few participants, always make a booking beforehand on-line via the membership application found at:

where you should include information such as
- A picture of yourself
- Name
- Birth date
- Research group/"cost centre"/"projectnumber/name"
- Department/Section or Company
- Group leader/laboratory supervisor
- Phone number (stationary/Mobile)
- your position (PhD student, graduate student, Master's student, Post Doc etc)
- type of work to be done (research project, master's thesis work, etc)
- how long time will your activities last
- your access card number (could be T00,,, on old cards and MFc,,,, on newer cards)

A cleanroom manual will be handed out during the course. 
get the manual as a pdf 

If you have any questions:
- course fees, contact Ulf Södervall
- the booking system, contact Peter Modh.
- driving licences or equipment, contact Tool Responsible

Micro-And Nanoprocessing Technologies

Courseinfo_MNT2011.pdf 84.23 kb

Lectures are set up as below, more details and the actual time schedule will be seen via the presentation above.

The lectures will be added up with 3 problem solving sessions; where appropriate problems for the different processing techniques will be scrutinized in more detail.

Lecture Topic Lecturer Handouts
1 Introduction/Substrates/Diffusion Ulf Södervall File
2 Thermal Oxidation, RTP and Implantation Ulf Södervall File
3a TCAD Hans Hjelmgren File
3b TCAD Hans Hjelmgren File
4a Optical lithography - exposure modes-resist technology etc Piotr Jedrasik File
4b Optical lithography - exposure modes-resist technology etc Piotr Jedrasik File
5a Non-optical lithography - pattern design etc Piotr Jedrasik File
5b Non-optical lithography - pattern design etc Piotr Jedrasik File
6 Vacuum and plasma science Mats Hagberg File
7 Evaporation and sputtering Mats Hagberg File
8 PLD-Pulsed laser deposition Andrei Vorobiev File
9 Epitaxial layer growth - MBE vs. CVD. Mahdad Sadeghi  
10 Surface processing (wafer cleaning, plasma etching, RIE, ICP, Lift off etc) Göran Alestig File
11 Micromaching -MEMS, Microfluidics etc Cristina Rusu, IMEGO File 1 File 2
12 Interconnect, metallisation, contact formation, device technologies Göran Alestig File
13 SPM/AFM/SEM nanocharacterisation and manipulation Piotr Jedrasik  

The course is also presented on MC2s central website.