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Mahdad Sadeghi

     Mahdad Sadeghi

Mahdad Sadeghi is an MBE specialist with long experience in MBE growth of GaAs and InP based material. He is responsible for the MBE system equipment, operation and maintenance at the nanofabrication facility. Has experience from clean-room procedures, processing and characterization of semiconducting material as for instance PL and X-ray diffraction techniques. He is also the main responsible for the dicing/sawing facilities at the Nanofabrication Laboratory.

Tel: +46 31 772 19 02

Mobile: +46 70 308 87 27

List of tools where Mahdad Sadeghi is tool responsible

 NameTypeTool Id
DetailsEllipsometer - J.A. Woollam M2000Ellipsometer112
DetailsDry etch Stripper - TePla 228
DetailsOzone Cleaning - FHROzone Cleaning229
DetailsScriber - Suss - Soft wafersScribing/cleaving413
DetailsDry etch RIE - Advanced VacuumRIE etch418
DetailsDry etch RIE - Plasma-ThermRIE etch419
DetailsMBE - EPI 930MBE806
DetailsFume Hood - Solvent - Polishing preparationWet bench1001
DetailsFume hood - Solvent - Dicing preparationWet bench1002
DetailsCMP Polishing & Lapping tool - Logitech PM5 #1Lapping1006
DetailsDicing saw - Loadpoint Microace 3+Dicing Saw1008
DetailsScriber - Suss - Hard wafersScribing/cleaving1009
DetailsDicing saw - Disco DAD3350Dicing Saw1011
DetailsMBE - Riber C21MBE808
DetailsDry etch ICP - STSICP etch305
DetailsCMP Polishing & Lapping tool - Logitech PM5 #2Lapping1007
DetailsDry etch RIE - Plasma-Therm - OxygenRIE etch422
DetailsDiffractometer Xray - Panalytical XPert 121
DetailsCritical point dryer - Tousimis 438
DetailsWhite Light Reflectance Spectroscopy (WLRS) - ThetaMetrisis  113
DetailsPECVD - Oxford 309
DetailsEllipsometer - J.A. Woollam RC2 135
DetailsCMP - LNF 1020