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Mats Hagberg

     Mats Hagberg

Processing competence: Has a background from industrial R&D on laser-diodes and laser-diode manufacturing. At MC2 he is a process and equipment specialist on plasma and ion-beam systems (etching & deposition), e-beam evaporation, and rapid thermal processing.

Tel: +46 31 772 49 85

List of tools where Mats Hagberg is tool responsible

 NameTypeTool Id
DetailsDry etch ICP - Oxford Plasmalab 100 - Two chambersRIE etch404
DetailsDry etch RIBE - Oxford Ionfab 300RIBE etch412
DetailsDry etch IBE - Oxford Ionfab 300CAIBE etch417
DetailsRTP - AccuThermo AW610 - InP 431
DetailsRTP - AccuThermo AW610 - Wide bandgap 433
DetailsEvaporator - Lesker SpectrosElectron beam evaporation434
DetailsRTP - JIPELEC JetFirst 100Rapid Thermal Process435
DetailsFurnace - Thermolyne - BCB cureFurnace436
DetailsRTP - JIPELEC JetFirst 200Rapid Thermal Process437
DetailsDry etch ICP - STSICP etch305
DetailsDry etch IBE - Oxford Ionfab 300 PlusCAIBE etch416
DetailsEvaporator - Lesker PVD 225 #1Electron beam evaporation451
DetailsEvaporator - Lesker PVD 225 #2Electron beam evaporation452
DetailsEvaporator - Lesker Nano Cr 455
DetailsDry etch RIBE - NILT 409
DetailsPC monitor 43" 90003